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Bold Journey, June 2023

"As a commercial trucking and traumatic brain injury attorney, I almost always operate in environments that are predominantly male-dominated. In these situations, it's crucial to have confidence in my abilities and the value that I bring to the table. Recognizing that my unique perspective and experiences can contribute positively to the discussion helps me assert myself effectively."

Reunion Magazine, March 2023

"As a trial lawyer, Kaitlin is dedicated to helping make the Reunion community safer and support those that have been injured at no fault of their own. Her firm specializes in 18-wheeler trucking cases and traumatic brain injury cases. These are some of the most devastating and difficult cases to try in a court of law. However, Kaitlin brings over 10 years of trial experience and expertise in serious and catastrophic injury care and treatment to the courtroom."

Canvas Rebel, December 2022

"We created a thriving law firm with little more than our hopes, confidence, and intuition. We relied on our reputation to build a large referral base. We strongly urge more young professionals to start their own firms. They do not need to spend any money on advertising. They do not need an office. They can co-counsel with other firms for support. Life is about chances. It is time to take them."

Village Voyager, March 2022

"Being able to have more autonomy and flexibility to work on the cases that we are passionate about is what drives us. We also are dedicated to changing the stigma that personal injury attorneys have because we genuinely believe that injury and civil rights attorneys have one of the most important jobs – fighting for people who cannot or do not know how to stand up for themselves against large entities. We are both natural leaders who want to help others, which fuels our desire to hold leadership roles in various organizations and be as involved in the community as possible."

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