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One of the critical causes of neurological damage is cerebral hypoxia or reduced oxygen flow to the brain 🧠
The most common causes we see are
✔️ carbon monoxide poisoning
✔️ suffocation
✔️ electrocution
✔️ head injury
✔️ heart attack
✔️ near drowning
✔️ inhalant missuse
✔️ seizure
✔️ severe blood loss
✔️ surgical complications
✔️ stroke
symptoms include dizziness, rapid shallow breathing, inability to control movements, numbness and tingling, agitation, confusion, flushness of skin, muscle twitch, and loss of consciousness or death.
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Carbon Monoxide is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. It can cause devastating neurological consequences. Carbon Monoxide affects the brain 🧠 by causing
✔️ cerebral ischemia (reduced blood flow)
✔️ cerebral hypoxia (impaired oxygen supply)
✔️ cerebral edema (fluid retention)
✔️ neural cell degeneration
Install a carbon monoxide detector and test it monthly. you don't want to risk not doing so.
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|Brain Injuries in Children Under 3| As a mom of a 1 and 2 year old this is terrifying to me but as a Brain Injury attorney, it is something I see all the time. 🧠
It is crucial for any parent or care provider to look out for
✔️ physical signs (headaches or vomiting, loss of consciousness, seizures, changes in sleep patterns, and balance and coordination problems)
✔️ cognitive symptoms: difficulty concentrating, memory problems. confusion, slowed thinking, trouble understanding or processing information
✔️ emotional and behavioral changes: irritability, mood swings, depression, anxiety. aggression, impulsively, and changes in social interactions)
✔️ developmental delays (regression in developmental milestones, difficulty with motor skills or speech/language development, changes in academic performance).
if a child exhibits any of these symptoms following a traumatic event or injury at home or school, it's essential to seek medical attention asap.
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Our brain 🧠 is constantly communicating with our eyes about external simuli to process information and make short and long term visual memories. A brain injury can slow or stop that communication, translating into a series of vision issues. We highly recommend adding a Neuro- Optometrist to your team of providers to work with your neurologist and cognitive therapists to help provide holistic support and care.
Visit for more information about how the brain and eyes work together.
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As a Brain Injury Lawyer, my job us to describe complicated medical treatment and diagnostic procedures in a way that a jury can understand. Watch me explain Diffusion Tensor Imaging or DTI to a 8 year old. If you know anyone that has suffered a traumatic brain injury and has clear signs of cognitive disfunction, this may be a great test for them.
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I want to give awareness to treatment after a traumatic brain injury 🧠 It is a multidisciplinary approach that usually includes:
✔️ emergency medical care to stabilize and prevent further injury
✔️ acute rehabilitation that includes physical, cognitive, occupational, vestibular, and speech therapy
✔️ medication to manage pain, reduce seizures, control muscle spasticity, alleviate mood disturbance, and improve attention and concentration
✔️ physiological support
✔️ educational support and play therapy
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I am a brain Injury Lawyer and I want to give awareness about what it is like to live with a traumatic brain injury through the words of my own clients:
✔️ invisible prison
✔️ wish they had a scar on their face or were in a wheel chair so people would know
✔️ lifetime injury
✔️ stigmatizing
By becoming aware of what it is like to have a traumatic brain injury, our goal is to destigmatize their conditions so they can thrive.
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As a mom of a 1 and 2 year old and as a Brain Injury Lawyer 🧠 I want to share awareness about the top signs to be on the look out for that your child may have suffered a brain injury from a traumatic event:
✔️ Loss of consciousness
✔️ Altered consciousness such as confusion, disorientation, or appearing dazed
✔️ vomiting
✔️ seizure
✔️ frequent and severe headaches
✔️ visual disturbance
✔️ balance and coordination problems
✔️ weakness and numbness in their extremities
✔️ clear fluid leakage from their nose and ears
✔️ abnormal speech
✔️ unequal or dilated pupils
Always good to get a ER or Urgent Care checkup if you identify any of these symptoms initially following a trauma event.
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Did you know we have 100 BILLION neurons in our brain 🧠 Our Neurons receive sensory input from the external world and relay the signal to the rest of the body. Each neuron has 10-40 thousand branches. Neurons and branches make up a fiber track. Fiber tracks are like telephone wires that connect different parts of the brain. Damage to a fiber track translates to brain damage symptoms to that particular lobe of the brain.
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Preparing a client with a traumatic brain injury 🧠 for a deposition is tricky. I recommend you follow my four step process certain to turn your client into an amazing storyteller.
Step 1: Environment - Set up an environment with little noise or lighting distraction. Provide tactile objects such as coloring books or puzzles to provide a focusing medium for them. Allow for frequent breaks.
Step 2: Symptomology- discuss symptomology using our chart that includes all the lobes of the brain and the corresponding symptoms associated with damage to that particular lobe. Then, diagram three buckets- cognitive, vestibular, and emotional damages - and have them place each symptom from the chart into each bucket.
Step 3: Chronological storytelling - It is common for TBI victims to think in the present and jump around. However, their story needs to be like a movie script broken down into various scenes.
Step 4- Frame by frame visualization - treat each scene like a movie broken down into second intervals8 described by all 5 senses.
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