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Lane Change Truck Wrecks

How Does a Lane Change Violation Cause a Truck Wreck?

The most common causes of collisions involving an unsafe lane merge or lane change are (1) driver distraction, (2) blind spots, (3) poor visibility, and (4) driver inexperience.  To prevent lane change collisions, there are rules that truck drivers must follow when changing lanes. These include the following:

  1. Checking blind spots: Truck drivers are required to check their blind spots before changing lanes. This involves looking over their shoulder and using their mirrors to ensure that there are no other vehicles in their blind spots.
  2. Using turn signals: Truck drivers must use their turn signals to indicate their intention to change lanes. Turn signals should be used at least 100 feet before changing lanes.
  3. Avoiding sudden movements: Truck drivers must avoid sudden movements when changing lanes. They should gradually move into the new lane and allow other vehicles to adjust to their presence.
  4. Adhering to speed limits: Truck drivers should not change lanes if they are exceeding the speed limit. They should also avoid changing lanes in heavy traffic or adverse weather conditions.

By following these rules, truck drivers can reduce the risk of lane change collisions and ensure that they are operating their vehicles safely on the road.

Why Hire a Truck Accident Attorney in Colorado?

Simply put, hiring an experienced truck accident attorney after your accident gives you the best possible chance of ending up with a good outcome in a very bad situation. Numerous parties may be liable for your injuries, and an experienced attorney from Hagen Nares PLLC will be able to identify those parties and determine how best to pursue compensation. The introduction of these other parties, as well as the complicated web of statutes and regulations, means that pursuing a claim requires a special level of expertise.


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